What Everyone Must Know About Auto Repair Shop

auto repair shop

It has, miles because people don’t think that way because if you tell somebody guess how many miles is car has , miles they won’t believe it they’ll be like and dude it looks like it has , and they’ll buy it because it look like has , so you want to be sure that it looks good you have the pink list and you have registrations for it and.

Then the rest of it is just everything else is just other stuff that it’s important but not as important of those two things when you’re buying cars so if you’re if you’re worried about buying cars with high mileage a good thing to be worried about but what will really counteract.

That is if the car looks really really good and you have all the other things in line of course you know I want to make sure that it runs great and your shift and the a/c works but mileage is something that is that can be overlooked if you those other things are in good order but a forest you know if a car has same thing goes if the car has , miles.

And it looks like shit people know not to buy it they don’t give a how many miles a house if it has , miles and the car looks like shit people run I gotta buy it because it doesn’t look like house ten thousand miles okay so mileage is important but not as important as other aspects of what’s going on with the car because remember remember people care more about what they.

What a car looks like and what it actually is that’s why it’s hard it’s not hard it’s um that’s how people think people look at we’re visual so if something if something looks beautiful it doesn’t matter like we’re visual people like we care about the way it looks not the way it actually drives or functions sometimes so yeah hope that helped Wyatt.

When Abel y ou enable what’s going on buddy why when Abel is a great guy every should subscribe to this YouTube channel why are we unable when you flip cars that you have a trailer or somewhere recovering cars I didn’t run how did you get them to your shop thanks yeah so I did buy a trailer I don’t recommend you got again this is all going to be in my book that’s going to be covered you guys are going to have all the information.

that I gave that I have buying send cards so I wouldn’t recommend buying a trailer until you did at least five cards or more online if you’re doing one or two cars a month tow it okay because it’s going to be cheaper and faster you’re not have to deal with a trailer but if you’re doing fireworks more cars buy a trailer I bought a trailer after like six months.

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